MBA-Educational Leadership

MBA in Educational Leadership program is offered in evenings and weekends at the City Campus and North Nazimabad Campus. Eligibility for this program is bachelors or equivalent Masters degree. The objective of the program is to develop dynamic, visionary and competent leaders in the field of education. The program seeks to put emphasis on key areas of theory, empirical research and values underpin educational leadership and management and support the creation of personal and professional knowledge through research and enquiry. This program is offered in collaboration with ERDC (

6 courses are exempted for students with 4 years non business bachelors or equivalent degree.

ACT303 Financial Accounting 3
MAN301 Principles of Management 3
COM302 Public Speaking 3
QT201 Business Mathematics 3
MKT301 Principles of Marketing 3
IS 151 Software Applications in Business 2
ECO203 Micro & Macro Economics 3
QT203 Statistical Inferences 3
ACT323 Managerial Accounting 3
FIN301 Introduction to Business Finance 3
COM303 Functional English 3
MAN304 Corporate & Business Law 3
IS301 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
MKT302 Marketing Management 3
EDU402 Fundamentals of Education 3
MAN402 Human Resource Management 3

FIN402 Financial Management 3
EDU302 Curriculum Planning & Implementation 3
SC404 Methods of Business Research 3
COM400 Business Report Writing 3
SC403 Business Ethics 3
MAN408 Entrepreneurship 3
MAN404 Strategic Management 3
MAN402 Strategic Marketing 3
EDU301 Education Psychology 3
EDU306 Testing & Evaluation 3
EDU305 Teacher’s Development 3
EDU304 School Leadership & Effectiveness 3
ECO508 Seminar in Economics 3
EDU402 Education Policy in Pakistan 3
IPTD409 Final Year Project 6

Curriculum Structure

Area Cr Hr Area Cr Hr
Accounting 6 Marketing 9
Communication 6 Education 21
Economics 6 Support Courses 6
Finance 6 IT 5
Quantitative Techn. 6 Project 6
Management 18

Degree Structure


Duration 3.5 years minimum (8 Regular Semesters)
Course Cr Hrs 95
Project 01
Eligibility Graduate with 50%, or 2nd Div. with work experience

Location: City Campus & North Nazimabad Campus (Evening and Weekend program)

Comprehensive exam is a mandatory requirement. Student must clear this exam to become eligible for the degree. The curriculum structure, duration and scheduling of each degree program are subject to change without notice