Specialization in BBA

  1. Marketing.
  2. Human Resource Management.
  3. Finance.
  4. Islamic Business & Finance.
  5. Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
  6. Advertising & Media Management.
  7. Customer Relationship Management.
  8. Project Management
  9. Production & Operation Management

BBA-Specialization Courses Detail


Marketing- Specialization (Choose any 4 courses)

Code Course Pre-Requisite Course
MKT401 Media Management Marketing Management
MKT402 Strategic Management
MKT403 Consumer Behivior
MKT404 Seminar in Marketing
MKT405 Services Marketing
MKT407 Supply Chain Management
MKT417 Sales Management
MKT416 Brand Management
MKT408 Export Marketing
MKT409 Personal Selling
MKT410 Retailing
MKT411 Distribution
MKT412 Industrial Marketing
MKT413 Marketing Information System
MKT414 Advertising
MKT415 Purchasing
MKT418 Customer Relationship Management

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management- Specialization (Choose any 4 courses)

Code Course Pre-Requisite Course
MAN401 Production Management Human Rresoure Management
MAN405 Leadership & Management
MAN415 Oranizational Development
MAN407 Total Quality Mnagement
MAN408 Enterpreneurship
MAN412 Organizational Bahavior
MAN414 Project Management
MAN416 Recruitment and Selection
MAN417 Managerial Policy
MAN419 H.R Development
MAN420 Compensation & Benefits
MAN421 Training & Development
MAN422 Performance Management
MAN423 Managerial Skills
MAN424 Strategic Thinking
MAN425 Operation Management
MAN455 Islamic Law of Contract


Finance- Specialization (Choose any 4 courses)

Code Course Pre-Requisite Course
FIN400 Corporate Finance Financial Management
FIN401 Financial Institutions & Markets
FIN403 Strategic Financial Management
FIN404 Security Analysis
FIN405 Analysis of Financial Statement
FIN406 Project Evaluation
FIN409 Islamic Banking
FIN410 Mergers & Acquisition
FIN411 Risk Management
FIN412 Financial Modeling & Forecasting
FIN413 Derivatives
FIN414 Public Finance
FIN415 Islamic Finance
FIN416 Seminar in Capital Management
FIN417 Treasury and FundsManagement

Islamic Business & Finance

Islamic Business & Finance – Specialization (Choose any 4 courses)

Code Course Pre-Requisite Course
ISF301 Islamic Economic System, Islamic Bus.Ethics and Sourses of Shariah Financial Management
ISF302 Riba and Gharar
ISF304 Islamic Financial Products & Processes 1
ISF305 Islamic Financial Products & Processes 2
ISF306 Takaful and Islamic Risk Management (Tools & Techniques)
ISF307 Accounting & Auditing Standards & shariah Compliance
ISF308 Islamic Equities and Alternative Assest Shariah Compliance

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management- Specialization (Choose any 4 courses)

Code Course Pre-Requisite Course
MKT407 Supply Chain Management Marketing Management
MKT410 Retailing
MKT411 Distribution
MKT412 Industrial Marketing
MKT415 Purchasing
MKT425 Transport Management
IS401 Decision Support System
Inventory Management


Advertising & Media Management

Advertising & Media Management

Media Management
Strategic Management
Consumer Behivior
Seminar in Marketing
Services Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Sales Management
Brand Management
Export Marketing
Personal Selling
Industrial Marketing
Marketing Information System
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

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Project Management

Project Management- Specialization

Project Management proccess (PMP)
Project Management Leadership
Project Risk Management
Project Management Scheduling


Production & Operation Management

Production & Operation Management- Specialization

Production Management
Total Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Managerial Skills
Stretigic Thinking
Operation Management
Engineering Project Managemen
Maintenance Management