The objective of Corporate Relations Department is to establish and maintain contacts with the decision makers in the corporate world. This effort would provide guidance to the institute towards offering job-oriented programs and contributing to the development of the industry and economy.
The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office, whose goal is to increase corporate and foundation interactions throughout campus, is well positioned to work with partners external and internal to Purdue to help overcome barriers to engagement. We strive to be, not gatekeepers; rather, facilitators of access to the whole university.

We believe that by building robust relationships with corporations and foundations, partnerships are formed that provide benefits for both, including opportunities for collaboration, technology transfer, and innovative solutions through interdisciplinary research and application.

Functions of Corporate Department:

  • Internship of the Students:
    Internship program offers students a real life experience of a professional industry environment. Internship are an integral part of the academic curriculum and provide exposure of the working environment of local and multinational organizations during studies. Internship provide opportunities to establish professional relationship in the industry that later help the students in promptly getting jobs on graduation. To meet the high expectations of the industry regarding English proficiency of the interns, passing of English proficiency test is necessary to become eligible for internship placement.


  • Guest speaker sessions:
     Corporate department invites industry experts and makes arrangements of their visit to KIET. The goal is to have each student participate in at least one guest speaker session every week. The other goal is to get industry professionals to visit the campus and see our facilities.


  • Seminars:
    Institution of a monthly seminar on a topic of industry interest and invitation of speakers and guests for attending the seminar. The goal is for each department to organize one seminar every month.


  • Convocation:
    Convocation is a regular activity of the institute organize be Corporate Department. The goal is to attend at least 200 professionals such event. 


  • Alumni Dinner:
    Department annually organize dinners specifically for our alumni and their pouses. Such types of activities establish a very strong link between alumni and KIET that are further used for job placement, internship etc.

  • Development of an industry database
    of executives and professionals and their areas of expertise. This database is used for directed and targeted mailings. The database has organized corporate executives in terms of their managerial level (top, middle, operational) and their department (IT, marketing, executive, finance etc) and their industry (software, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, advertising, sugar etc.). The database maintains information about: Contact event: Guest speaker session, seminar/workshop speaker, seminar/workshop participant, convocation participant, speaker or guest etc.


  • Placements of Graduates:
    Department keeps track of the job requirements in the industry, preparation of graduates, providing feedback to the academic department about the industry requirements, counseling of the graduates for the jobs, interviews, CVs, presentations and other related activities. Arrangements of job fairs and other contact opportunities for the corporate sector. Development of a database of potential organizations where the graduates may find employment. Development of graduate directories and database of alumni. Holding of CV preparation workshop, interview participation workshop.


  • Industry Projects:
    Organizations often require students to work on projects for which they don’t have internal resources. The corporate relations department coordinates all such requests and stimulates such requests. These requests then be fed back in the academic program so that the linkages could be further strengthened.


  • Sponsorship:
    of various students’ activities and their coordination. Students are encouraged to participate in various societies and organize events through industry sponsorship. This provides them with exposure to industry and groom their managerial and presentation skills. Several of these societies are organizing the seminars and conferences through such sponsorship.