a. 16 Years Education
b. GAT General Passing Score



9 Courses (27 Cr. Hrs.) + 1 Thesis (6 Cr. Hrs.)
l Advanced Microeconomics (Prerequisites: ECO102)
l Advanced Macroeconomics (Prerequisites: ECO202)
l Elements of Econometrics
l Advanced Econometrics
l Advanced Research Methodology
l Mathematical Economics (Prerequisites: QT201 & QT203)
l Elective #1
l Elective #2
l Elective # 3


l Financial Econometrics
l Monetary Economics
l Financial Risk Management
l Financial Mathematics
l Financial Modelling and Forecasting
l Treasury and Funds Management
l Security Analysis
l Portfolio Analysis
l Regulation of Financial Markets
l Commodity Market Analysis
l Investment Banking
l Technical Analysis
l Behavioural Finance
l Fixed Income Securities
l Analysis of Financial Statements
l Capital Adequacy Regulations (Basel I/II/III)
l Public Finance
l Project Evaluation
l Seminar in Economic Policy

Prerequisites for Non Economists and Non Business Graduates
The number of pre-requisite courses will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Program Director.
l ECO102: Microeconomics
l ECO202: Macroeconomics
l QT201: Advanced Business Mathematics
l QT203: Statistical Inference